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Lets have a Winge / Re: Ebay
« Last post by peterpowerpop on Sat 19 Jan 2019 06:58:46 »
I was like that when I wanted to buy Hatchie's Sugar & Spice EP from the Hatchie website when it was first released. I was aghast to find at the very end of the transaction that the $10 CD had a shipping cost of $8.50. (Postage wasn't mentioned at any other time during the purchasing procedure.) I backed out of that transaction quick smart pronto. (It took an email to the seller to cancel the sale, but they were understanding, and cancelled it, so all's well that ends well.)

I don't mind paying a couple of dollars for postage (it's usually only a PostPak for a CD to go interstate), but when it's almost the cost of the CD... well, that just freaks me out, man.

I was relieved to see it available a little while later on eBay for $9, with free shipping.
Lets have a Winge / Re: Ebay
« Last post by deutros on Sat 19 Jan 2019 05:44:59 »
I don't want to complain to much as I did want it but what if I didn't the rigmarole to get out of it. 
Lets have a Winge / Re: Ebay
« Last post by MrPurser on Sat 19 Jan 2019 03:26:33 »
Yes, lots of hidden traps in the internet - I guess you'll be posting the CD and saving us the postage?  Sorry, bad joke.... :Grrrrrr:
Lets have a Winge / Ebay
« Last post by deutros on Sat 19 Jan 2019 02:34:21 »
 :hellno: not particularly happy I was toying with the idea with buying a CD yesterday off Ebay and went through the whole purchasing deal until I got to COMMIT TO PAY and then noticed that the postage was a bit excessive so I opted out without hitting the COMMIT TO PAY button got up this morning and in my Email was my receipt for my purchase how the hell does that happen.  :Grrrrrr: :smash:) :shithappens: :copper:
Little ray of sunshine and Arkansas Grass

Have a copy of Little ray of Sunshine  by Axion along with Arkansas Grass
will stick up to morrow early
Lets have a Winge / Re: Oktoberfest
« Last post by jink on Sun 23 Dec 2018 06:07:43 »

Just arrived back in oz via Dubai and Japan, to be greeted with all this wild weather, in Sydney, in the past few days and telemarketers telling me that my telstra connection will be cut off and the ATO threatening to arrest me!

See the hail in the video clip here - h**ps://

It was a long os trip, constantly being on the move, some of the memorable moments/places were,
Munich Oktoberfest - sneaking into the place, past security, behind some horses pulling wagons, as security had told my wife a few times that her handbag was too big, to be allowed inside.
Paris - buying beer at MacDonalds
Berlin - riding a bikes on the abandoned Tempelhof airfield
Dubai - visiting the Gold Souk area, in Al Ras, Diera. Gold everywhere with aggressive salespeople.
Dubai International Terminal 3 - Moving around in one huge place with inter-connected concourses. Takes about 40 minutes to walk from gate A to C.
Japan - Coming across wild monkeys in Nikko and seeing the autumn leaves.
Japan - Visiting the Yodabashi camera store in Akihabara. Eight floors of electronics. Saw an 8K TV in here.

..."winge" section
I could have sworn I had put it in a discussion thread
Lets have a Winge / Re: Bloody Halloween!!!
« Last post by Babakazoo on Wed 12 Dec 2018 04:38:46 »
Thankfully I live in the heart of the city, so there aren't children roaming around the streets banging on doors here.  It's just a money grab for the supermarkets and other stores.  Leave it in America, where it belongs!  :Grrrrrr:
Lets have a Winge / Re: CD mastering - Brickwalling and Limiting.
« Last post by Babakazoo on Wed 12 Dec 2018 04:35:30 »
I don't mind when they are maximized (without clipping), but when they Brickwall them like that, clipping the peaks it drives me mad.  There is no need for it, why sacrifice sound quality to make it louder?  If you want it louder, turn up the volume on your system!   :Grrrrrr:
Hello rainman

May I please ask you what the plugin is called?

Kind Regards
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