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Lets have a Winge / Re: Why did it take so long to find this forum!!!!
« Last post by kelvin1962 on Wed 14 Aug 2019 23:05:03 »
Can't wait till VIP!  - I have some stuff I want to share :)

Still waiting for your sharing :hahaha: :(
Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Re: Last Ride……
« Last post by Guy on Wed 31 Jul 2019 14:47:52 »
LOL !   :hahaha:
Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Last Ride……
« Last post by deutros on Wed 31 Jul 2019 10:10:05 »
   Another one from John G.

Last Ride……

While riding my Harley, I swerved to avoid hitting a deer, lost control and landed in a ditch, severely banging my head.

Dazed and confused I crawled out of the ditch to the edge of the road when a shiny new convertible pulled up

with a very beautiful woman who asked, "Are you okay?


"As I looked up, I noticed she was wearing a low-cut blouse with cleavage to die for...

"I'm okay, I think," I replied as I pulled myself up to the side of the car to get a closer look.


She said, “Get in and I’ll take you home, so I can clean and bandage that nasty scrape on your head.”

"That's nice of you," I answered, "but I don't think my wife will like me doing that!"

"Oh, come now, I’m a nurse," she insisted. "I need to see if you have any more scrapes and then treat them properly."


Well, she was really pretty and very persuasive. Being sort of shaken and weak, I agreed, but repeated, "I'm sure my wife won't like this."

We arrived at her place which was just few miles away and, after a couple of cold beers and the bandaging.

I thanked her and said, "I feel a lot better but I know my wife is   going to be really upset so I'd better go now."


"Don't be silly!" she said with a smile. "Stay for a while. She won't know anything. By the way, where is she?"


"Still in the ditch with the Harley, I guess."

Help Me Identify This / Re: In the year 2525 circa 1965
« Last post by peterpowerpop on Wed 12 Jun 2019 03:53:14 »
Wikipedia says:

"'In the Year 2525' is a 1968 hit song by the American pop-rock duo of Zager and Evans. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks commencing July 12, 1969. It peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in August and September that year. The song was written and composed by Rick Evans in 1964 and originally released on a small regional record label (Truth Records) in 1968. Zager and Evans disbanded in 1971."

45Cat's database lists all known releases of "In The Year 2525". It was only ever a Zager And Evans track.

What you heard must have been a similar song.
Help Me Identify This / Re: In the year 2525 circa 1965
« Last post by Beergut on Wed 12 Jun 2019 00:28:00 »
Welcome to Ausrock Squire!

Well, it certainly wasn't Zager & Evans. Their hit was released in 1969.

I've searched the British and USA top 100 for 1965, and drawn a blank. Couldn't see anything that I thought could be confused with 2525.

Not much help, I know.....
Help Me Identify This / In the year 2525 circa 1965
« Last post by Square on Tue 11 Jun 2019 22:56:41 »
Hi All,
This has been bugging me for decades.
I am absolutely certain I heard the song "In the year 2525" by Zager and Evans in 1965.
Apparently the song was written in 1964 and not released until 1968. Well I know as a school kid I heard it on the radio(only once) because it was most unusual and something completely different. The bell had gone to end lunch and I was the only student left in the yard listening to this song being played on a Plumber's radio who was working in the yard.
I waited for it to end hoping the announcer would say the title and singer of the song, but alas, he did not.
If it was not In the year 2525 what the hell was it ?
Can anyone list other very unusual songs of this era which it could have been.

Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Job Interview
« Last post by deutros on Tue 04 Jun 2019 18:00:29 »
A man goes to the Council to apply for a job
 The interviewer asks him, ''Are you allergic to anything?''
 He replies, "Yes, caffeine. I can't drink coffee.''
 ''OK, have you ever been in the military service?''
 he says, ''l was in Iraq for one tour.'' The interviewer says, ''That will give you 5 extra points toward employment.'' The interviewer then asks, ''Are you disabled in any way?''
 The man says, ''Yes. A bomb exploded near me and I lost both my testicles.''
 The interviewer grimaces and then says, ''Okay. You've got enough points for me to hire you right now. Our normal hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can start tomorrow at 10 a.m., and plan on starting at 10 a.m. every day."
 The man is puzzled and asks, ''If the work hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., why don't you want me here until 10?"
 ''This is a government job," the interviewer says. ''For the first two hours, we just stand around drinking coffee and scratching our balls. No point in you coming in for that."
Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Re: Subject: Is this you
« Last post by RAM on Sat 04 May 2019 02:39:35 »
 :shit: what's a hooter?  :help:
Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Re: Subject: Is this you
« Last post by Beergut on Fri 03 May 2019 22:50:25 »
I read it all the way through, but I couldn't remember how it started....
Live Wire! Jokes & Humor Forum / Re: Subject: Is this you
« Last post by terryh on Fri 03 May 2019 17:05:25 »
I think I'm starting to relate to this mate.
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