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Lets have a Winge / Re: Bloody Halloween!!!
« Last post by MrPurser on Fri 02 Nov 2018 02:28:52 »
Just another wat for the supermarkets, etc. to get into your wallet - farcical - and the kids 'celebrating' it have absolutley no idea what it's about...  I shut the front gate and let the dog into the front yard - works really well...
Lets have a Winge / Re: Bloody Halloween!!!
« Last post by deutros on Thu 01 Nov 2018 19:41:45 »
We don't Beergut it gets forced upon us by big business for the almighty dollar.
Lets have a Winge / Bloody Halloween!!!
« Last post by Beergut on Thu 01 Nov 2018 18:10:25 »
Anyone else absolutely fed up with this Amerikun import?

Bloody kids knocking on your door, begging for sweets. You don't know what allergies they may have, so you have to be ultra careful about what you have on hand. Normally sane people dressing up in insane garb.

And it's not just a problem here. 2 weeks ago we were in Scotland, and the same thing was happening there. Just about every pub and shop had a halloween display set up. I asked one of the locals if it was a local tradition, but no, they imported it from the good ole USA as well. And most people there hated it as well.

Why do we adopt these bizarre foreign celebrations?

Music and Entertainment, Local gigs / Stars - Canberra Gig
« Last post by woodynet on Wed 31 Oct 2018 01:28:16 »
Stars are touring after the release of their lastest album 'Boundary Rider" and are back in Canberra after a 40 Year absence. Featuring Mick Pealing, Mal Eastick, Glyn Dowding, Roger McLachlan and Nick Charles.

Harmonie German ClubNarrabundahThursday 1st November 2018.
Tickets on sale here, but would think ( not guaranteed ) you could get tickets at the door. I'll be there.

Lets have a Winge / Re: Oktoberfest
« Last post by Beergut on Mon 29 Oct 2018 01:30:40 »
It's a great party alright Jink, and plenty of things on offer apart from the beer.

We were there 2 weeks before Oktoberfest, and driving to our apartment, when we passed the grounds and noticed the tents and sideshows being erected. I was a bit pissed that our GPS had taken us right into the heart of Munich and not around the edges on the ring route like I'd expected. Doubly so as we should have had a green environmental emissions sticker on our windscreen to be so close in; whith at the time we didn't. Still we got through unscathed.

We also visited Hofbrauhaus again, just off the town square. It was packed to the gills again, just like last time, but we eventually found a couple of spots on a table with Germans from Stuttgart. As you do on these occasions we became instant friends. It was great to sit and watch the Chinese and other Asian tourists walk in and see their jaws drop as they took in this uniquely German place. And to revel in my first rotisseried pork knuckle in 6 years. Bloody beautiful!

We also did the massive beer hall in the middle of the English Gardens, for yet another litre or two of beer and a second pork knuckle. All in all a great time to visit before the rush of Oktoberfest.

Glad you loved it mate: we did too last time. Just a little perplexed as to why you've put this in the "winge" section....
Lets have a Winge / Oktoberfest
« Last post by jink on Sun 28 Oct 2018 12:13:29 »
Just checking back in again after experiencing an Oktoberfest in Germany.

Currently still in Europe.

Beergut, its true. It is one big party for adults, with lots of people having an awesome time, as you had mentioned.

No antisocial issues with huge numbers of people happily drinking on the streets of Munich.

Got to sit at various tables meeting locals and overseas visitors, enjoying the food, music and 1 litre glasses of beer.

MrPurser, I also visited the historical Hoffbrahaus (HB) along with the large Augustine Keller beer garden/house. Just surprised at seeing how much seating there was at the Keller with 6 000 seats.

All in all a memorable time.

Help Me Identify This / Re: McLead's Daughters OST
« Last post by HTApokis on Sat 29 Sep 2018 04:06:21 »
Thanks kindly for the info.  Much appreciated it.
Ausrock Forums / Re: How do I delete a post I've created?
« Last post by kelvin1962 on Tue 25 Sep 2018 16:27:13 »
Thats why we are here  :smash:)
Ausrock Forums / Re: How do I delete a post I've created?
« Last post by Newrace on Tue 25 Sep 2018 15:43:29 »
can I delete my own posts?

Thanks for the question.

This has never been a feature on Ausrock forums, only Moderators can delete posts.
Ausrock Forums / Re: How do I delete a post I've created?
« Last post by Guy on Tue 25 Sep 2018 14:58:52 »
Well, this is strange Beergut

Yesterday, I posted duplicate posts accidently under Australian Artists called  V.A - Blues Explosion .(2013) but today, there is only one. Maybe one of the other Admins deleted the duplicate?

But my question still remains, can I delete my own posts? We could back on the Midoztouch Forum. It seems strange if not.  I totally understand not being able to remove other peoples posts but you should be able to remove your own.

thanks for your help

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