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My mate Mal
« on: Mon 18 Oct 2010 09:38:45 »
MALS wife asks him to go the store and buy a packet of cigarettes for her. when he got to the store he found it closed so he hopped over to the pub to buy them.

at the bar MAL see's this absolute dead set gorgeous woman. MAL says to himself what the heck and starts chatting to her.
well they had a couple of beers, one thing lead to another and they both ended up at her apartment. i mean how could MAL resist such a moment.

MAL and this woman make passionate love to each other, the best sex MAL has ever had. suddenly it's 3 am in the morning and MAL says "OH NO!! wife is gonna kill me!!!.....have you got any talcum powder?".

the woman said" YES i have talcum powder" and gave some to MAL who then proceeded to rub it into his hands.
when MAL got home, who is waiting at the door but MAL'S wife. "where the hell have you been?"asks MAL'S wife.

"well honey" says MAL "i went to the store to get your cigarettes but it was closed, so i went to the pub to get them and met this gorgeous woman. we had a few drinks and uummm i can't lie to you dear, we had sex for hours back at her place."

"OH YEAH!!...let me see your hands!!!" exclaimed MAL'S wife. she saw his hands were all covered in talcum powder.
"you bloody liar MAL!!!" just as i thought "YOU WENT BOWLING AGAIN!!!!!"
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